Is there any addon to test rigging automatically or fast?

I’m tired of posing armature repeatedly by hand for testing whether the rigging is correct, if there is any addon to simplify the process would be very great.

not that I can think of. It would be hard for the addon to know how your rig is supposed to work.
What you can do is :
1/ start by doing all the deforming bones , then make an animation with 2/3 very different extreme poses so you can use it to adjust skinning.

2/ Once the skinning is good you can start to add controllers, (IK ect…) then of course you need to test if it’s ok, but that shoudn’t take you much time.

If you are using the same armature, simply create a series of poses in the action editor. You can then use that action to test the poses. Put it in constant interpolation and scrub it by hand. Stop on a pose. examine. Adjust rig. continue. You can also import this action to other files if need be as long as the armatures are the same. Be sure to save it with a fake user. Haven’t been around for a few days. Hurricane and all.

You can also use a pose library which is in reality a type of action.