Is there any blender equivalent of this?

Yeah rope generators,

they’re awesome

If there isn’t can you actually…
this might sound like the dumbest thing ever but convert a maya script to a blender script?

This technique has more steps than the above (though maybe someone could, someday, write a script or add-on to perform this function):

if you have small uv image you could use array and curve modifier to do that!

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Math behind the rope attached to two points seems the same, python or MEL? Calculate mesh and convert to curve, plus some user convenience…

Already have the addon enabled

but I’m not really interested on the rope,
I’m in it for the deforming curve,

thx anyway

Thx… but I’ll hold on to see if someone comes up with a better way


I cringe everytime I think of the curve modifier…


Yeah I agree it would be awesome if I even had the slightest idea of knowing how to code anything

I mean for some reason python is one of those things I just can’t get along with.

but do you need to do like hanging cable / rope like Eppo link site?

I know what you mean with the API a real pain in the neck! LOL
i’v seen it done with UV image small section with array and curve and seems to work fine

but also depends how realist you want it too!

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Just tried something out that worked surprisingly well:

After creating your “cloth string”, add a dense mass of faces at the end of it – basically a “weight” within the cloth simulation. Make sure these are a connected to the rest of the mesh somehow. The simulation does a nice job of showing that weight. In this example, I added stiffness to the “weights” on the string so they look kind of like bricks hanging on the end. In rendering, you could use shaders to make the weights invisible, along with some vertex parenting to attach the actual thing that’s dangling from the string. This could work really well, actually. This is a pretty promising approach, in fact…

Both of these have the same simulation settings; the only difference is the “weight” is added on the mesh on the left.

Blend file: ClothTest_StringWHeavyThingAttached.blend (5.3 MB)

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I suggest you change your title and include words like Rope / cable
easier to find it for this subject

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I had a go at getting a cable to hang naturally, as in a power line, per the Maya demonstration.

  1. Add vertex and extrude, subdivide
  2. Mesh to curve, bevel curve “full”, lots of resolution.
  3. Curve to mesh, make vertex group of verts at both ends.
  4. Cloth sim, reduce stiffness, group as pin. Run sim and adjust stiffness to suit.

there was an old script in 2.49 for hanging cable
is this what you need ?

could check if I can redo it in 2.7

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I have something working, I’ll post it later.


Yeah I tried using that script before making this thread,
no dice…

scripts too old

You’d do that?


Yeah, I’m finished I just have to prepare the post. I didn’t go the simulation route though, seemed like overkill to me.

but old script should still work in 2.49 SVN!

so you basically want about same thing I guess or not ?

like adding 2 empty points and it makes a curve in between

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@@cmomoney WOW! Very cool that you wrote this addon - I really appreciate that it simulates the rope. I can right now think of thousands of things where this is addon will be very handy…

This was extremely useful to me. Thank you!!! The trick of connecting the objects by an edge was 10/10.