is there any build or branch that has a equirectangular camera for BI?

I would love to make my own HDRI equirectangular skies with volumetric clouds.
But the equirectangular camera is only in cycles and the volumetrics work only in BI.
I’m stuck, anyone an idea that might help?
Any builds out here with either a equirectangular camera in BI or Volumetrics in cycles?
thx in advance…


Uhm… 2.65a from for instance? Been in Blender for a few versions now IIRC
However, equi cam is only available in cycles, not BI, but making an equimap in BI without global illumination wouldn’t be great anyways.

Thx arexma,
for your reply.

I already know that there is a equirectangular camera in blender 2.65a for cycles, that was not my question.
My question is if there is a build or maybe an addon with an equirectangular camera for Blender Internal.
But I guess not, since support for BI is dying out, right?
So the second option would be a build with volumetrics for Cycles, since that’s at least supposed to be in one of the future releases.
Anyone any ideas?

Thx in advance again.

Ah I see, you need volumetric and equirectangular support simultaniously…
You’ll have no luck sorry.

Took ages to even get equi world-texture support for BI :confused:

But you can always check out other render engines. If I am not mistaken, luxrender should meet your requirements.

Thx Arexma, then I’ll have a look into Luxrender, though I hoped to get around this #-)
Keep up blending…