Is there any development going on for BGE ?

any developers who is developing BGE ?
please give me all the links to the threads,posts,videos,pdf etc. facebook page,groups…any link related to blender Game Engine development even wiki.blender !

that project is long dead, you have a better time sticking with the original branch. the site you want is :


Look over Harmony,is a great branch that goes on. The 1st link is a dead branch,yep.

I’m not a Blender/BGE developer yet, however I’m looking for ways to get funding so that I can perhaps implement a feature or two for BGE or fix a few bugs in the BGE bug tracker, all I could do at this point is work on BGE on the side.

You can check out my signature for a “suggestions list” of features I’d like to see developed for BGE, other users have their own list as well.

To answer your question:

Yes there is development going on for BGE, here is a list of the latest features:

I think we should raise a fund to develop till it get to the level of UDK 4,UNITY 4,CRYENGINE 3

I use bge precisely because it isn’t to the level of UDK or Cry Engine.
I have an older computer, and guess what? It can’t run either of those at all. While I wouldn’t mind if I had a better PC, I suspect there are quite a few bge devs who use it for this reason.

Heh, if we could compile an A-team of half-time/full-time devs. consisting of Benoit, Moguri, Dfelinto, Kupoman, and Sinan, we could see some pretty big additions to the BGE in each release, heck, think of all the bugs that could be fixed as well (the BGE tracker finally getting to just one page for instance). :slight_smile:

I really wish Benoit could be more active in direct development again, he was able to get the BGE out of the rocks for version 2.46 and enhance it significantly for 2.49, his experience with development makes him a clear choice should the money be pooled for a full-time BGE dev. position.

@Ace Dragon : ANGELO MINER is working to develop BGE. .Martins is awesome !if i could be of that level. .i would have become a full time developer with no perks !

Then we need a bigger user base for BGE, and I don’t know if we have that at this time.

I consider myself a developer/game designer, so that’s why BGE works for me, because I want access to source code, if I run into a bug in BGE, I can go ahead and try and fix it myself. A lot of people who use Unity/UDK/CryENGINE 3 will not want to do that, either because they’re not developers or they just want someone else to look at it.

BGE has all the features I want, the only thing it’s “missing” is custom file format and optimizations in various areas, I’m not so concerned at the moment with BGE catching up to high-end features of UE 4/Unity 4/CryENGINE 3.

Besides, the business model of having people pay for a game engine has not worked has it? Look at all the engines like Torque3d and ShiVa3d, they have all struggled for funds at some point, the only reason Unity3d made it is because it got large funding from big companies like Disney Interactive, EA, Big Point Games, etc – without those funds, Unity3d would be in the same boat.

In other words, I don’t think a game engine can have enough of a paying user base to keep it going, think about it, for every 100,000 users, 5-20 projects will make money only, with 5 people per project on average, the rest will not make money. So we can call the rest hobbyist, but how much are they willing to pay per year for a game engine they use as a hobby?

Take into account that mobile needs bigger budgets right now and it makes the situation worse, sure you’ll have that 1 in 1000 mobile game that was made by 1 or 2 people with no budget that will take off, but that’s not something to build a business model out of.

So a business model for a BGE dev could be selling training materials, crowdfunding for certain features, or maybe even create small games? If BGE gets ported to Android, and perhaps OUYA, where I could make money making smaller games, then I could spend the rest of the time developing BGE.

@Sinan : Great. .i think if we can make Brower based games,mobile games with the help of BGE. .we can make alot of money !I Think developers like you should teach us how to develop BGE. .because some of us here who wants to add a new features which they can do themselves and share it with other BGE users

We do not need to develop bge, we need to make a game. With such an active community, a open game project should be possible.

EDIT: What I mean is development should be done according to the needs risen by a game project.

One question I often ask myself is : Is BGE not too old ? What I mean is that BGE what initially developed in 2000 and since then the only big improvement was GLSL. And I’m sure in 2000, we didn’t start writing a Game Engine like we do in 2013. Maybe the fact that BGE is slow and not optimized is because the core of it is too old ?

But the main problem is that people don’t have the same ambition for the BGE. The fact that BGE is not of the quality of Unity is one thing, but it seems that a lot of people don’t even care/want the BGE to become like these commercial Engines because BGE is only for “prototyping” or doing very small game just for fun. This is what sdfgeoff expressed :

I use bge precisely because it isn’t to the level of UDK or Cry Engine.
I have an older computer, and guess what? It can’t run either of those at all. While I wouldn’t mind if I had a better PC, I suspect there are quite a few bge devs who use it for this reason.

I can’t help but cringe at this thread, Good games are down to the artist/programmers. I’ve seen some mind blowing results in BGE that most average Unity/UDK users can only dream of achieving.

the problem with BGE is there are too few good examples, but i can easily pull terrible looking games from the main commercial engines.

Want my advice on making a good game. Develop your skills, and learn as many game development principles as you can.

I would like to help, I have a game, I want it to all be open source, EXCEPT for the ad server to pay us/pay to develop the BGE,
imagine Portal and minecraft and resident evil had a baby, and then it would not stop mutating until it took over the world…

Also I have applied for state funding to turn the BGE into a Education/explanation/Demonstration engine
In my scope of work, I said I wanted to “optimize and improve the game engine” (decidedly vague)
Education money is funky, there is a lot of it hanging around, we just need the right “niche” to get into,

but basically from making a system for teaching, and a few lesson plans, we could get some funding for the BGE, (if it’s approved)

I would gladly hand my idea over to a more experienced team leader, as I am still a newb-sickle


I’m not doing anything special, I have the trunk and a few other branches checkout that I read, if you want to start BGE dev, I would recommend you start there.


BGE is not old, I’m not sure how the source code base compares to Unity. I believe Unity’s design has issues, and making a game with BGE using Blender would be many times more fun and interesting.


I agree, good artists and good shaders.

Want my advice on making a good game. Develop your skills, and learn as many game development principles as you can.

I agree, and I think you will learn a lot more using BGE and Blender than say Unity.


My data tells me that ads don’t really work in games, unless you know something I don’t?

Each loading screen, 1 add, 20-30 loading screens per game, 30 add views per 1 person,
also have ad’s targeted in game “bill board ads” for things that are future versions of real products with the real link,

so we have 30 adds + X ads (not sure how many times they will see the add)

times the number of people playing,
the game uses both our content, and user generated concept’s, but the catch is they still view ads that pay us, even when they are playing user made maps,

So imagine that everyday, 1,000,000 people play the game

does that add up? or ad up in this case?

the thing is we can also always add new “core” pieces and content and continue also to develop the BGE,
so we get paid, as well as the BGE

I’d just like to add that regardless of what some people have said above, my branch, the candy branch, is most definately not dead.

Thank you for all your efforts mokazon!!
whats in your pile of stuff to get working/ironed out?
how goes life and stuff?

Firstly this isn’t true. We had bullet physics after sumo, then we implemented recast and detour, followed by various lighting improvements. Nodal logic is in, and so is the character controller. We also have some useful rasterizer improvements on the way.

I’m not sure why people thought mokazon’s branch was dead? He posted in its thread less than 10 days ago…

The BGE might be old, but I would assume every 3D game engine is old. Unity wasn’t written last year - it began in 2005, and started on Mac primarily. UDK started back in 1997, I think. They both extend to quite awhile ago. That’s why they’re as advanced as they are now - they’ve had time to develop.