Is there any doc about the mirror transformation in the Wiki?

I’ve looked for the place in the manual where the Edit mode mirror function (Mkey) would be documented and I can’t find it. Maybe I need your help or maybe just a smack in the head but : where is it?
If there’sn’t any, like they say in the Clark street bars, then I’ll write it.


Well I think you got yourself a job :slight_smile: You’re right I think I couldn’t find anything either … In fact a I think a whole new section on the various mirror functions in Object and Edit Mode would be great . Kind of like for duplication … this way maybe the “Advanced Mesh Tools” section can finally update and use the mirror modifier instead of using the Alt-D linked duplicate … It’s kind of funny but even with that part of it the manual says to input -1 into the Transform Properties subwindow and not use the mirror function …

I also agree that the ‘advanced mesh tools’ appear somewhat backward now… LOL Time for a clean up.


Please check it out at
Remember that this is a Wiki and that you are free to make any correction that you see fit by asking for editing rights on the bf-docboard mailing list.
If you don’t want to go through these steps just report the error here and I’ll do the editing.

Thank you for your time.


There’s a mirror function in edit mode? When did that creep in? Gosh, so many features, so little time.

Hey, Jean, thank you very much. You get the cookie today!!!

It is there since 2.30 if I am not mistaking…
Thanks for the cookie, I needed that. :slight_smile:
Now I’d like to do something about the snaps. The Shift-S and the magnetic snaps together form a useful set but the latter is quite ignored by most, even experts like robbur in his precision modeling guide.

If you read Vertex Pusher comments this whole section on (fairly basic nowadays) modeling is way outdated. I still don’t have a definitive project for that and relatively little time but I’ll get onto it if nobody else do.



yes, I have not touched it for that reason. There is an amazing kind and amount of information that needs to be delivered. Just off the top of my head, this section needs to satisfy:

Audience: total noob to average user to pro
Context: Conceptual (what is a mesh) to Practical (I need to snap this vert to line up)
Workflow: Create-Edit-Refine
Need: I need to create a wall, versus I need to model a bearing housing for CAD
Application: Architecture, Game, CAD, Organics (humans, trees, rabbits…

If you are thinking about reorganizing it, I would go more for the workflow route, since that makes more sense to a user.

I’ll get back to you on this.
Don’t worry, I always hold my promises… sooner or later.



OK PapaSmurf,
you did not know that there was a mirror tool in Edit mode?
Well I did not know that it existed in Object mode myself !
It is accessible by using Ctrl+M and acts only along the Local axes but still, I’ll have to add this to the documentation.

Good night,
when we’ll wake up there will be even more features to document.