Is there any documentation on syncdoubling?

Hi Iv been looking around for quite a while, but I cant find any documentation on syncdoubling and methods the page flip anywhere. Can anyone suggest anywhere please?

Syncdoubling is in the game settings page on the render tab. Its used to create a 3d projection, which with special glasses can make it look like you are looking at a 3d object.

I think only anaglyph and v interface settings work in the game engine.

well you can see pageflip and snycdoubling doing something, but im trying to set this up in a cave, thats 3 huge screens all purpendicular to each other. About 60 inches each at University.

Its strange because seems to have a line about it and thats it, google doesnt give anything. Im guessing that unless anyone on these forums has any idea or someone like Ton can give me some headway that I will have to go fishing through the codeā€¦(Wooo :frowning: )