Is there any easier way of doing this with Python to parent object one by one or it has a trick?

Is there any easier way of doing this with Python to parent object one by one? I’m try to connect high to low.It a same shape object(duplicate Object).I want to connect same motion (for rigidbody)

It is painful to do it one by one.Is there a Python script to do it

can you elaborate a little !

how to select 2 ob and them parent them ?

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This what actually i want to do , i want to generate the rigidbody from low,or is there a way to duplicate the cell?

so after you break the cube you want all the parts to be parented to something else or to many other objects ?

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I want it to parent to the original fracture cube,
The high cube is actually a duplicate from low cube and i want to parent it each same cell

check out this thread

if you know a bit of python check out this
there is short script at end to parent objects

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thank you, i will try it

bpy_prop_collection[key]: key “parent” not found’

It seem it have a problem. I do thing this is old version of python.
Actually i try to recreate internal detail for cell fracture.
I though it was imposible but after i saw RBDLab doing that
im so suprised.I do thing RBDLab use the same method.
They Parent each duplicate object for the rigidbody
It will explode if you don t parent them.But thank for the help

this is the example what im doing.It actually a same cell that i duplicate
and put some modifier.

i cannot use the latest version of blender for now

so if you find the new python code let us know!

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