Is there any free/open program out there like "After Effects"?

Is there any free or/and open program out there like “After Effects”?

Simply put… no.

As Arexma states: not really. But perhaps Wax can be helpful:

yeh its called blender lol

I don’t know after effects, but MoviePlus looks like this program
It is really powerful and it is available also as free-version but with many limitations.

in normal pro-version:
you have many (unlimited?) layers - you can combine them like in photoshop
you can transform objects or complete layers
i believe you have masks or you can use images/videos as masks or something
and it is really fast - the rendering ist one of the fastest

AfterEffects is to Movie Plus what a Swiss Army Knive is to a Plastic spoon. :wink:

Just for the record, there’s the “new” licenese for Adobe stuff, which permits commercial use of the student versions, which are really cheap.

OK - in movieplus - you have no 3D-space for placing objects.
But what are this swiss-army-knive features that you mean?

There are plenty, like the ability to keyframe some text attributes, like e.g. Size of letters, Opacity, Rotation, etc. So you can fade in every letter of a text string over time very easily. This is perfect for motion graphics, because you can animate certain effects simply by placing the respective keyframes. It is difficult to describe, you just have to use it yourself one time. Maybe this video can explain the main advantages by VideoCopilot (AfterEffects Guru):

Hope this helps

After Effects is kinda 2 apps. As a Motion Graphics tool, no there’s no free app. As a compositor, well, Blender could do most of it. But there’s a lot of shortcuts with AE, both built in & in the form of plugins you can buy, so that’s nice… But Blenders node based compositor is amazingly powerful, there’s no doubt about that. Node based compositors like Nuke is what is used in feature film production, Blenders compositor is not far off in that regard.

And Blender is very capable in animating, tho broader in scope than just targeting “graphics”, (which I interpret to mean title/text-related artwork, here) it can handle this very well, regardless.

“Not targeted” simply means you have to set everything up yourself manually to get the cool fx that you’re after (the very act of dreaming those up must come from your own imagination, ie: no presets or pre-packaged gizmos that you can plug-n-play like in AE) Takes a lot more time and effort, but it can be done, and done well! :slight_smile: