Is there any girl here?

(Ecks) #1

Ok hi everyone, some of you know about my movie I am making: THE EXODUS. (go in the wip forum in the topic : Short movie (And interactive?) in the work)

In the movie the tactical officer of my ship (THE USS EXPLORER) will talk to explain what appen …blablabla…
And I wish a girl can make the voice for it…I was playing homeworld some time ago and I liked the voice of the mothership…So if there is any girl out there please help me!

Thank you very much! :smiley:

(scrappy) #2

sorry im not female, but hey give this a try, its a demo thing, that works like simple text, you type in your dialogue and choose an accent, male/female/ and you can save it to your hd as a .wav file. i dunno might be what your looking for.

(S68) #3

There are at least 5. I do remember their nicks but privacy rules… Go to the chat forum and search for a sex poll, was held some times ago.


(kroopson) #4

I know one Blendergirl in Poland.
Guys -she ROCKS :smiley: 8) :stuck_out_tongue: :o

(Ecks) #5

I would like to change my voice and see if t work…but I dont have a microphone (is it this in english…). I ask ingiebee but she said that she wasn’t a good actress…

(kos) #6

is ingiebee a girl :o …i thought she(he :-? ) was male.

(CubeFan973) #7

Well, what is it?

(scrappy) #8

wow, thank you for noticeing that i never posted the url, well here it is very sorry :wink:

(Ecks) #9

WOW! thanks scrappy!!! I will probably used it! It seem they dont have any expression!

(davejumpers) #10

Maybe you should start going out so that you can meet some real life women, ya know what i’m saying :wink:

(scrappy) #11

that should be perfect then, i wouldn’t expect a ship to have expression in its voice.

(Ecks) #12

It will not be the ship who talk but an officer in it!!
When a fighter will be coming a voice will say something like : Ohh nooo!!
and the another will say: Lock all weapon on that vessel sir!

(joecool) #13

hey this is a ‘perfect’ set for picking up the chicks man!
yeah, go on the street, find some blazing hottie, tell her you are doing a movie and need her voice! Then tell her that the person needs to say <your script here> then at the end of the script to add a phone number. While you can’t think of a fake number off the top of your head, just tell her to use hers for now. :stuck_out_tongue:
That’s SURE to work! :wink:
I need some coffee…

(davejumpers) #14


(RipSting) #15

The English female sounds pretty natural. Here’s something I think we should all hear:

Have the last US Female (USF012) on the list say “Like totally!”

Have fun!