Is there any hotkey to return the previous view?

Sometimes I zoom in and rotate to watch something special. But when I find a good viewpoint, time and time maybe a wrong click make the view change greatly, and every found object gone away . Is there a hotkey can return the pervious view?

Thank you richard.
dont’ know why such an important feature can’t be provided even in 2.70 ?

Maybe because it’s not that important to many many people, especially when you have this addon already for the minority who may want to do such a thing so maybe the developers time is best spent elsewhere. You also have the option of adding additional cameras for specific views so a functionality is already built into blender by default

I think what might help xibinke and others - and I am curious too - why isn’t a fairly stable and moderately useful addon included in the default installation? Developers don’t have to code anything, just drop it in the scripts/addons folder so we can just tell people “Hey, go to user prefs and activate this…” Of course, Richard, I hope you’ll always be here to patiently point out exactly where to download the script from, which is almost as quick! :slight_smile:

In all fairness, developers would then have to maintain it. We don’t see all the exclamation marks in yellow triangles they see when getting a new release ready. I do sympathize. I’m no developer, but I have worked closely with them. There are fun tasks, and there are yuck tasks. Nobody wants to increase the overhead of yuck tasks. Still, I like this addon.


Not exactly as you said. Though I’m a fresher, I know certainly that previous view returnable should be blender’s built-in feature, Not just provided as an addon that nobody know who is responsible for the maintenance. The blender guys must neglect the feature’s importance seriously.
And I’m still not satisfied with this addon for its inconvenience. Shouldn’t we just press “Ctrl + Z” or some other hotkey and the previous view come back?

In solidworks, “Shift + Ctrl + Z” can bring the previous view back. Who can say solidworks provide a meaningless feature?

I totally agree with you.