Is there any NURBs add on for Blender that emulate Maya's NURB modelling features to Blender?

Is there any Blender add on that adds the feature of Maya’s NURBs modeling like Revolve, loft, planar, Berail, Extrude? At this moment in Blender we can only manipulate the vertices

Also do you think these features will be added in the future iteration cause 2.8, 2.92 & even 3.1 added a lot of stuff so that expectation always remains there.

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I saw add on called curves 2 mesh but im interested in more advanced nurbs modeling add on

things will be added over time
but don’t expect anything fast

this should also include some Nurbs tools

may be go to the dev site and ask for more tools
you might get some answers

let us know if you find out

happy bl

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Yes the one thing I miss from my Autocad 12 days! Hopefully one day!

im happy with blender since I switched from Maya, only thing blender missing is powerful nurbs

they tried to add some external lib but there was some hidden copyright for some of the code so had to drop it

hope they find another lib soon
it would be great to have more powerful tool for Nurbs tools

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@RickyBlender can you point out some details about this development effort? Maybe a link?


this was like 1 or 2 years ago
so lost track for this thing

go to Dev site and ask them
i’m certain a dev will give you some Dev name for these Nurbs improvements

but he is not working full time on this only part time

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Thanks, I’ll take a look there.

if you get good news let me know
it would be great to get new tools !

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In devtalk there is quite some interest. Many people find this a good idea and quite a few developers have tried so far looking into it. But still is not something realistic and feasible yet to happen.

As far as I understand. The worst case that can happen, is that a developer who works for months in this to have their work dropped off, because in the end nobody wants to use a feature like this.

The public should be well informed and request for these features, so it really push development forward.