is there any one to share your animation?

Share your animated movie or video or Photos…

is there any one to share your animation?

you can…

my videos with blender

and lots more in my signature

What’s with the request?

Dude, you are posting in the Animation forum. Take a look at the other threads, some of them have videos and animations!!

Or there is Vimeo, YouTube and others. I suspect you already know this. What are you really asking for?

Asking for post count increase… :slight_smile:

Huh? I don’t understand, march.

Amazing… Waiting for more… fresher are also allow…

Well, go for it, Patty. You seem to have figured out what this guy wants…

@thestudio5, you do realize that you can view videos in other peoples threads, right? Or take a look at Blender videos on YouTube by including the word “Blender” when you search? This is the oddest post I’ve seen in a while.

What is this post for?

I did not see old video in to Youtube but i just want to see all kind of collection that’s it…

Then simply look at the videos on Youtube and save you the trouble coming back here instead.