Is there any other sites like Blendercookie?

So i am looking for a website with more tutorials, I quite like blendercookie and stuff, but a bit more variable content would be appreciated.

Maybe a site where they have a easier website, easier layout.

I have been subscriber to Blendercookie 2 times where i have literally finished 3 projects (kinda big once) and even tho they still have a lot of great tutorials. I wish they had more within the characters and stuff

Maybe even more within the concept of that bird (small cinematic tutorials) I dont quite remember its name on top of my head.

I have also Followed tutorials on youtube, as many as i can… Wich have been very helpfull indeed. But is there more sites like blendercookie?

Monthly subscription or not doesnt matter as long as they are great once :slight_smile:

blenderguru, chocofur and blendernation might be good places to look for tutorials. And you should probably take a look at BlenderArt magazine. There is a massive tutorial on aircraft modeling around somewhere, but I don’t recall the name of the site.

Thanks, will take a look. :slight_smile:

I have read your post, but I am not sure: are you looking for materials about (realistic?) aircraft models?
If this is your case - take a look at this e-book

I can’t vouch for quality, but a few other sites have Blender sections. I don’t think any have even close to as much content as CGCookie though.

Digital Tutors
3D Buzz