is there any other users of my age here in blenderartists?

is there any other users of my age here in blenderartists? just asking.:slight_smile:
im 14 years old…

I’m 14 too!

only you? okey, i think theres not much of our age here

There’s people as young as 10 here, so don’t panic about the notion that you’re the forum youngsters who are looked down on.

I was 15 when I first registered on this forum (under a different account), sooner or later you would’ve been here long enough to see a new generation of users that are younger.

I have seen 2 generations :smiley:

I am 30…

I used blender for a long time before I registered…

I am good at some things,

There are 14 year olds better at some of these same things

I would say that older means more experience, but not necessarily more creative.

Have fun and run with it.

I begane using blender when I was 12, and that time I wasn’t really bad at all, I could atleast make realistic heads. Now I’m 17 and use it in literally everything, So I decided to register here. Don’t worry much about your age, Age is unrelated to creativity. Just don’t let it takeover your school’s work :wink:

I’m almost 14
Here’s a group:

I was 14 when I first joined this site. Now I’m not.

im 10, and started using blender when i was about 8 or so… dont worry about it :slight_smile:

Wish i started when I was 14! I just picked up blender(24). Keep at it and by the time you’re out of highschool you’ll have companies fighting over your skills. :wink:

I am also 14… :smiley:

I’m 12, almost 13, and the founder of the Kids of Blender group. I started when I was 11, and am really learning a lot more. Just check my recent threads, and figure out how much you learn in almost 2 years!

wow, I am actually very impress with that many kids learning 3d. Is a hard and sometime frustrate subject but rewarding

Hell, I was fourteen about fifty years ago. Young man welcome and just maybe the pursuit of art transcends age. Since it seems the pursuit goes on until we can’t rise up from a bed. But, I know what you mean and others have addressed that.

But, be advised once interested that pursuit will stay with you for a lifetime. Regardless of what you do for a living that will always be in the back of your mind. So enjoy the journey and if sidetracked you will always come back to wanting to create something.

However, one young man had a valid point. Very, very few ever make a living and raise a family with their interest in art. And, many that do are college graduates meaning they had the grades to attend. 'Just don’t let it takeover your school’s work :wink:

When using blender, age does not matter.

I joined here when I was about 17. A little older. But many here are pretty young. Many are also pretty old. You’ll find all age groups here. So don’t worry about that. I wish I found Blender when I was younger. Would have loved the extra free time to learn more.

Ditto … age doesn’t matter.

“Old Age and Treachery will outdistance Youth and Vigor Every Time!” :yes:

The only difference is that one day we’ll be the ones sporting the 3D holographic tombstones, and you’ll be the ones stuck trying to figure out why lately they’ve been displaying a Blue Screen Of … uhh … Life. :smiley:

No, seriously … age doesn’t matter. I was about half that age when I was utterly fascinated with how a machine could be made to do useful things without direct human intervention. (The “personal” computer would not be invented for another … uhh, never mind.) I was interested in computer graphics long before it was possible to do them. And-d-d-d, I’ve been privileged to watch and to be a part of the breathtaking advance of this technology which is still “my hobby.” May you go and have much the same experience.

However, let me caution you of this: “do not fall in love with the present-day state of the art, no matter what it is today,” because the only constant in this business is: Change. It’s a helluva interesting ride, as long as you know when to let go of one set of reins and to reach out for another, being not-quite sure at the time whether you’ll manage to grab it or not. (You will. Somehow. With or without a couple of bounces ka-boink! off the Astroturf.) Just always try to do the best that you can at whatever you do, and never stop learning. You’ve found yourself naturally drawn to an area of interest (“computers,” not just “computer graphics”) that will never run dry, grow cold, or cease to be interesting. Enjoy!

I am a 30 year old body, with the mind of a cat…

I have a short attention span, and a infinite curiosity ,

I think there are people who are old and bitter at 16, and people who are young and free at 90…

Somewhere more-or-less betwixt these two … I am still having fun with the profession that first captivated me at age …

… well, let me just put it this way: the thought of any of you was …

… aww, sh*t, does this make me a dirty ol’ man? :wink:

Seriously: “go for it.” Whereas for most of my days I’ve been bouncing against the traces of what could not (yet …) be done, you’re privileged to probe the limits(?!) of what seems to be unlimited. Yea, I know exactly where you are! (And I am right behind you!) Go for it!!