is there any other users of my age here in blenderartists?

This thread makes me regret I didn’t start learning things sooner :frowning: Oh well, I still have time… I guess.

When I was you’re age, I only had an Amiga and there really wasn’t an internet. (Well perhaps via 9600 baud dial-up, and through some BBS, but back then connectivity was expensive compared to now.) There wasn’t much 3D (VideoToaster perhaps, but also quite expensive), and I was dinking around with PhotonPaint on a mouse to do some rudimentary digital art.

But don’t consider your age much of a handicap. One of the better tutorials I saw posted on some Blender process was obviously done by some squeaky-voiced kid. He knew what he was doing though, so I had some things to learn from him even though I’m probably 4x his age.

If I had access to Blender when I was a kid, I would have been all over it. Plus it’ll give you a good reason to pay attention and do well in math class. (Unlike students without this kind of hobby, you’ll find uses for geometry, algebra and trig, and maybe even calculus.)

I’m 14 with 20 years experience! :slight_smile:

Im 12 and started using blender 1 year ago

LOL, I was asked to look after a work experience girl two weeks ago, and she was only 14. It makes me feel really old as I am 34! Sheesh!

But anyway, I told her I wanted to eventually ditch the day job and do computer programming, and then came the knock-out blow from this kid…

“Have you ever played Zak McKracken and the alien mindbenders?”

…seriously, this 14 year old kid ask me - ME! - if I had played Zak McKracken! WTF?!? And for the rest of the shift we spent together, she rattled off a shit load of REALLY old games that no ordinary 14 year old should have fond memories of playing!

Sometimes people not only surprise you, but totally shock you!

I am 35 and still believe age aint nuthin but a numba

age is never a measurement of skill my friends

This topic comes up from time to time.

e.g. see (just add 12)

We have members with a wide range of age. So never assume an age until confirmation. And yes you are not alone :).

You should be polite regardless the age and much more important, you are judged by the way you present yourself.

I am 30 wait 31 now?

, and act like I am ???

I iz bluprintz

and it is fun.