Is there any other way to make strands of hair?

I know you can make strands of hair with the add face mode, but it always looks too light. Is there a way to make it look darker or another way to do it?

No idea what you mean by “the add face method” (shouldn’t that be “just add hair method”?)

You could use Ripsting’s “Fiber” script which makes mesh geometry and by adjusting values in the GUI you can generate grass or hair. Just search for “Fiber”.

You could use the Card method which uses images of hair on meshes where the background is mapped to be transparent so all you see is the hair and you can draw your own images. Search for “Beast” “Hair” by Landis

You could use particles with dupliverts and a time IPO. Search for “Hair” “Particles”.

Or you could use curves or meshes dupliverted to the mesh of the skull. Search “Hair” by Roubal.


You can make cartoony looking hair by extruding individual face, on a highly subdivided ico sphere. You can vary the density of hair by the number of subdiviseions. You can also do a fract subdivide to make the hair more randomised.

If you are looking for long hair, this topic should help: