Is there any point in having interior rendering shots in my portfolio if

i intend to use pre made assets and materials, from turbosquid or Blendkit addon… Makes me think, whats the point, it takes no skill to build a scene from premade assets. yea it will look good but feels disingenuous and like im cheating… The only think i will have to tweak is lighting, camera angles and settings, composition, and such. I know its not plausible or sensible to make every object in such a scene because of the time it takes, but what if its purely for your portfolio?

Yet, that is a whole job on its own…
But you might also add self-made props, change materials, add curtains, rugs, tiles on the wall, cornices on the ceiling…etc…

Keep in mind that paid work is often done with (main) objects delivered by the customer. They give you 3dfiles of their products, often modeled with cad-like software to be converted in obj/fbx. Or maybe they send you high density scanned geometry. And then your job is not to model but to “use” those files into a scene that you build.

Coming back to your original question: there’s no point if you mean to build your portfolio around your modeling skills. On the other hand it makes sense if you mean to show off your ability to output a good looking image.

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Two things:
1 Be clear if the models are not your own
2 it better be a really nice render, especially if the models are not yours.

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In “professional” world of archviz people mostly use models from stock whenever possible. You simply don’t have time to make stuff from scratch. Pheh, couple time I was surprised how good ( and fast ) some of this “screwdriver” artist are. For example they buy car models bundle, in same time post personal models which are much better than one they buy.
“Just” tweaking light, camera, composition … ? Well, archviz, product - car rendering, etc. are just light, camera, compositing. You can have best model on the world but renders can be mediocre meh.

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It has been my experience that often there are jobs just in lighting and rendering. It is a separate job from modeling. Especially in a larger studio where people specialize. But it is also true that some clients will provide you with assets to render. Just as there are some clients who will prefer to render the models you give them. As mentioned just give credit if you are using models that are not your own. Create and have fun lighting! Get some work doing it. It is very satisfying work!

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ok it seems i should just need to seperate my portfolio into categories such as modeling - arch viz - lighting & design - animation, etc and to have text in the corner giving credit to the original artists if need be.

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Yeah it is not a bad idea. It also helps when you are promoting for a job if you can point the client to a specific kind of work.

I do something similar. But in our case we also model everything.


So I more or less put all of the rendering stuff in “Completed Client Projects”.