Is there any property that changes between scenes that could be used as a material Fac?

I am trying to make a setup where some objects are rendered in one scene with one material, and in another scene with another material. I have found that it is possible to do this if I make instances of each object and give them different materials in the different scenes, or if I give them different Object IDs and use that to mix between two different node setups within the same material. However, this requires creating and maintaining instances of the objects, which gets tedious with large scenes. I am looking for a better way.

Ideally I’d like to have just 1 of each object and material, and then use a mix node to switch between two different node groups within the same material. For this I need to find something in the material, or in the scene that could drive a value in the material, that I could use as a fac. But there doesn’t seem to be anything like this.

Does anyone know if there are any properties or such within blender that are going to be different in different scenes? Or a way to identify the Active Scene or something?

There’s nothing I can think of. Your best bet might be to just keyframe your mix node at the beginning of each scene.