is there any script or addon for making round corners ?

yes please !

do you mean to create a rounded corner on an existing ojbect ?

ore to create new objects with rounded corners like plane cube ect?

happy 2.5

bevel modifier and the contrib addon ‘mesh bevel’ by chromoly

i just found this

wich is perfect for my needs !

It works to add the bevel-modifier a couple of times (say: three times) with the same width. Together with shading set to smooth, this will create nice rounded corners. This works better then subsurfing when you’re dealing with boxes instead of cubes.

I started rethinking this a bit, and after drawing (in AutoCad) and measuring things up, I got the following results.

If you want to have a corner-radius of “1”, you need to use a bevel width of, respectively, “0.59”, “0.55” and “0.54”.

Or, if you want a corner radius of “2.36”, you need to use a bevel-width of, respectively, “1.41”, “1.31” and “1.28”. (see the square root of 2 popping up there… I just couldn’t be bothered to do the math).