Is there any secrets to recreating in 3d a character from a 2d cartoon?

I’m looking for a tutorial about translating to 3d a character from a 2d cartoon in such a manner that it wouldn’t look out of place composited into a screenshot of the original cartoon (indistinguishable from the original character when posed the same way, even if placed side by side with the original); and preferably a tutorial that talks in general terms and is flexible enough to be applied to just about any cartoon.

Is it just a matter of time/talent ratio or are there any tricks to doing it well and easily?

show us a picture of the cartoon you wish to model.

You might try a search on the character name to see if anyone has done a turnaround already. Some 2D animators use tricks and drawing methods that don’t translate well into 3D models, but it would depend, as Modron says, on the cartoon you want to recreate.

I’m not looking for a recipe for a specific character, nor an already made model. Like i said in the OP, i’m looking for a comprehensive tutorial, something that will work with many different characters and styles.