Is there any slideknit equivalent for blender?

Edit: Someone made one, it’s called Surface Follow

I know that there’s already a thread up there but it’s inconclusive and it’s a bit old,

So if you don’t know what slide knit is, well it’s a plugin for max that deforms objects to a surface…

if you are a former C4D user you might know it better as the “surface deformer”

here’s a video of it in action

As you can see this is incredibly useful for reasons that should be obvious

The closest thing that I could find is the tissue add on but still…

hm, what a shame,

I guess it wouldn’t hurt if I reverse engineered the max script for blender…

i agree i want this for blender

I have a method but its not perfect. I combine a Boolean cruve created from an edge along the sureface that you want to add the pattern with an array modifer to get a simular effect. Create your pattern mesh and add an array modifer to it make the pattern as big as you need. Then select an edge path along the sureface you want the array to wrap around. Duplicate the edge and seperate it into its own object then convert it to a curve. Select your arrayed object and assign it to follow the curve.

This method does not always set the arrayed object flat with its targeted sureface, there will probably be slight clipping around the farthest edges of the array because it is not taking the full curve of the surface into account just a single edge from it.

Sorry if this is hard to read writing this on a kindle these touch screens suck.