is there any tutorials on

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is there any tutorials that show how to take a photograph of a persons face and draw it out into a 3d face? other than sticking it on a plane and using noise it doesnt seem to work to good that way. thanks for any help.

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Using my tutorials links (see my sig), I could only find this:

Next time please post this in the Q&A forum, thanks. :wink:

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I dont think he’s looking for a realtime solution. I think what he wants is a photo-reference tutorial?

If so, you’d need two photos: Front and Profile(side view) Go here (into the ‘heads’ section) if you need it.
Wack it on a plane each…Im sure theres a tute on this, i just cant seem to remember it.

Theres also one using curves (you guys remember dont ya? its that one where the tute was using an alien-dinosaur thingy in side view?)

Anyways if I find it I’ll put a link up.

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I’m interested in character design, and some contributors of the blender char forum have material for you…

See the homepage of Michael Thoenes

You may then download the tutorial 2 blend file and see how he models his daughter’s head…

happy blending