Is there any way to add custom looks back into blender 2.9x?

I’ve been using blender for quite some time now and love all the new features the devs have added throughout the years. But the biggest “missing” feature I remember from back in the 2.79 days were the film response curves that were under the film view transform.

From other renderers that I have tried out over the years most of them have tone mappers built right into the camera or viewport. While I understand these aren’t “realistic” per say they are quite useful at least for me when concepting a scene.

Anyways my question is basically, is there any way to add those back underneath the looks for either standard or filmic view transforms?
Perhaps just a way to import a LUT file?
Obviously there is no way to do this inside of blender, but is there any examples online on how to change some code somewhere to add custom ones in?
I appreciate anyone that could possibly give some pointers.

You mean this, under the render settings?


Well, yes. But I mean adding custom looks to the view transform in the form of LUTs
Blender 2.79 included them under the film view transform
Such like this in octane