Is there any way to add rigify-rig to MB-Lab mesh? **PLEASE HELP?

There is rig included when makin MB-Lab human, but there is no bones for the head. So what I tried was this:

  1. Made Mb-lab human
  2. Deleting “mbastlab_armature” from modifiers
  3. Apply all modifiers
  4. Finalize character
  5. Adding Rigify “Human (Meta-rig)”
  6. In edit mode get bones in right position and from Bone properties/Relations: bone connected
  7. “Generate Rig”
  8. Selecting all in pose mode and CTRL+P —> automatic weights

Most of the cases nothing happened, going to pose mode and trying to move - nothing happened. In one case: Mesh ruined

So it is possible to add new armature for this MB-Lab human? Or is only solution to do mesh from the start to end itself?

Did you clear your parent on your mesh and then parent the rigify rig to your mesh? Are your transforms applied on the mesh and the armature?

You can put rigify on any humanoid base mesh. There’s nothing “special” about MB-Lab that prevents it.

Make sure you aren’t applying the subdiv modifier. You don’t want that applied, you can put it back on later. I wouldn’t apply the displacement either unless it is controlled by weights, and I would finalize the character before messing with the modifiers. Also make sure you’ve applied any transforms to your mesh, and to the rigify rig before parenting.

Could help to delete the MB-Lab human’s weights from the mesh - I’m not sure how auto-weights plays with old weights. Once you’ve removed the old armature and weights, you have a static mesh with nothing special about it merely from coming from MB-Lab, if it still isn’t working, try another Rigify tutorial on youtube. (One warning about rigify, you need some of the neck bones to remain “connected” for it to work (the tail and head of the bones must remain in the same location as each other), even though the rig lets you move them independently)

Thanks for answers!

It is better now, but still in mouth there is error.

  1. I cleared parent by (ALT+P)
  2. Transforms are applied in Object mode (Ctrl+A)
  3. I deleted armature-, subdiv- and displacement- modifiers, applying else (I think one only)
  4. Deleted weights in edit mode: selecting all (A) and selecting Vertex/Vertex groups/Remove from all
  5. Generated Rig - and getting automatic weights for it

Could there be a problem in bone placement?

you need to put a file in. Looks like you got your bones messed up on the face rig. Upload one here and post the URL. Be sure to include your metarig.

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+1 @stilltrying

To me, it just looks like a bad setup in the metarig. I’ve had those before, usually it’s a wrong roll on a bone or stupid stuff like that, which are easy to not notice until you generate the final rig.

So yeah, please upload your file with metarig, generated rig, and binding done as in your screenshots with issues.