Is there any way to copy a single bone constraint?

I’m working with fingers, ah what a nightmare.

I have a constraint on a bone, and i’d like to copy it to another 9 bones. I’m aware of the option Pose > Constraints > “Copy constraints to selected bones”

However, this has two major problems.

  1. This copies over ALL constraints from the source to the targets. I only want to copy one
  2. This replaces all constraints on the targets, destroying whatever they already had. This is a huge problem since each of those nine bones has a unique constraint on it.

So, do i have any option aside from doing every future constraint 10 times?

Activate the AddOn: Copy Attributes in the User Preferences (No need to install it, since it is bundled with blender).
I assume the bones are in the same armature:
In Pose mode, select all the bones which are going to get the constraint, then as last the bone with the constraint. Press Ctrl C - select Copy Bone Constraints. This should do the job.

yaay thank you :slight_smile:

That still has the first problem, but deleting unwanted constraints is a LOT easier than remaking deleted ones, so this is more than good enough <3