Is there any way to create a "Brush texture" from a 3d object


I am trying to create a brush texture from this object:

To achive it I render this object and create a image from the z-buffer:

Now I need to invert the color of this render to create a Brush texture:

The problem is that the colors are very “subtle”. I need more contrast in this image. Then I adjust the levels of the image…but this process deforms the image!!

Anybody knows how can I create this brush texture from this object?

It´s gonna drive me crazy!

This is the final result after modify the levels of the image

May be it’s a bit depth issue? EXR has more range than most of the other image formats. Might have to use Blender’s compositor or GIMP if your version of Photoshop doesn’t support it.

Yeah!! I rendered and exported the image with OpenEXR RGB Float(full) without codec

Now I can perfectly modify the levels of my image.

Thank you!!