Is there any way to deselect while using lasso select?

It the select tool with the Ctrl+LMB shortcut that is used by drawing around the pivot points of the objects (ObjectMode) or the verts, edges or faces in EditMode.


Yes . Ctrl+Shift+LMB .

Thanks! :slight_smile:
I am editing the selection in ObjectMode of the manual bit by bit. That makes me realize that I’ve limited myself to a subset of the selection tools over the years and Lasso wasn’t one of them.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: So you’re another Wiki manual writer … Thanks for all the work you put into it . I have noticed an improvement in the information in the manual section … or did I not quite get it the first time ? … That’s the thing about the Wiki … since it can get rewritten overnight you’re not quite sure what was there the last time you went to it …

And BTW if you have certain operations that should have a reverse option (like selecting), the developers always seem use either Shift or Alt for it (mostly Shift) if it involves Ctrl (easiest combo to hold down together) .

Good observation. Ctrl+N and Ctrl+Shift+N for normal orientation is such a case.
Shortcuts really collide sometimes though and this arrangement is not always possible, especially for selecting as it seems: box selection is done with LMB, but reverse is MMB or RMB; point selection is done with RMB, reverse is RMB twice, once to make active, then once more to deselect…

My writing in the Wiki is not a big affair: just taking notes there rather than here.

I think that writers should make their work known though. It would encourage others to write, certainly, and keep everybody informed about the changes that occurs in the documentation.

See ya.