Is there any way to do this edge funtion in blender similar to 3dmax

I’m trying to learn how to model furniture with tufted cushions. I couldn’t find a good blender tutorial, but i was watching this tutorial for 3d max.

At about 9 min into the video he goes to create the lines that needed to be modeled. He selects the edges, extrudes the edge in Z and then hits something to increase the base. Is there a way to do this edge function in blender?

Bevel the edges (Ctrl B and drag to bevel the edges, Ctrl Shift B to bevel vertices). You can also bevel faces (look in the Mesh menu in the 3d header). After beveling, either bevel again to get some faces to scale down, or make loop cuts (Ctrl R) if you only want edges to scale…
Finally, to get a smooth geometry, add a SubSurface Modifier to the object.

Thanks mobimo, I figured there probably was. Happy New year!