is there any way to export procedural textures/uv-maps?

does blender have the capability do export those textures to a *.jpg format or so? Or do I always have to render them by myself first?

And: does Blender als have the capability to export “procedural” uv-coordinates?

(I want to export my modells to a computer programm easier than how i’m doing it right now…9

No. The only ways are to render it (like you have been) or using the “Texture Baker” script.

There’s no such thing as “procedural” UV-coordinates; a procedural texture is defined in three dimentions.

The “Save UV Face Layout” script might help you to do what you want though (it creates an image with the UV lines).

Then, if you export your UV-mapped object to Wavefront OBJ you can gather the exact UV coordinate values from that.

Hope this helps.