Is there any way to make this wood panel floor PBR to not have the same pattern repeated?

Is there any way to have this wood flooring PBR to not have the same texture repeated over and over and over again?

Is this possible? Or do I have to use procedural brick textures and add a mask?

Probably not. For wooden flooring I use a procedural lookup on a regular seamless wood texture, or if its complex, a colored mask saved as an image to do the lookup. For a decent size texture (4k-6k), you can have every board use a random location of the texture. Mix in variation in brightness (or whatever), and you decrease the likelyhood of anyone spotting the CG nature. Doing enough fancy stuff, the nodes can become too complex to keep track of though.

Is there any tutorial that demonstrates how to do this?

I don’t think so. But here is a quick and dirty setup to get you started; it only deals with coordinate offset, scale x, scale y, and darkening, using two brick nodes as generators/masks. Two, because you shouldn’t use mortar on the generator that distorts coordinates. Here I just plug it into a voronoi. If you need more random channels (i.e. coordinate skewing and rotation) you can also use SeparateHSV from the noise.