Is there any way to remove Zerg-creep-like pattern of the Denoise node?

If I use a low number of samples and then apply the Denoise node, most of the scene looks all right (not much different from higher-sample result), but in some small portions of the scene there are Zerg-creep-like pattern. Other than increasing the sample number, is there any way to remove the patter, like telling the Denoise node that that surface is smooth, not rough like Zerg creep?

Low sample

Higher sample

You can try the diffuse color Pass for denoiser albedo sometimes it works better

What I tend to do is setup several, say two, “styles” of denoising and use a generated mask to choose which one to use. In some cases like flat diffuse walls, regular normal and diffuse color work better, while denoising normal and denoising albedo may be required for glass and highly polished reflective surfaces. The mask can be built using material id, object id, and/or cryptomatte.

If you can, you can also brighten up the area with lighting, as this is something that happens only/mostly in dimly lit areas.

As far as I know the image (not Noisy Image) node should be in the image slot. But since it’s out, everyone’s just using the A.I. Denoiser. I really love it for test purposes especially in the luxcore viewport. But for Finale renders, I prefer Darktable’s Denoiser. That looks more real. Make sure to use high dynamic formats (.exr)