Is there any way to render at a non-integer frame time? (ramped overcrank effect)

As per subject, really: I’ve a complex physics sim that’s finally timed right, and I need to slow time right down to an almost standstill right in the middle of it. Just like the camera’s being overcranked (frame rate sped up) in the middle of recording.

Because there’s both physics simmed and normal keyframed animations going on, I can’t just animate the physics timebase; took a long time and lots of tweaking to get everything to land just right, so I really don’t want to run the sim again :slight_smile:

So: I’ve worked out the perfect time remapping in After Effects, and got a list of what point in time each rendered frame needs to be.

But how do I tell Blender / Cycles to render a frame from a non-integer frame time? Can it be done?

(the only alternative I can see is to just keep rendering frame 0, but each time have my script hoik all the keyframes from the whole animation back or forth to line up my desired time with 0. Clunky but it’s a fallback I guess)