Is there any way to run normal Python scripts in Blender?

I want to use Blender as a Python IDE. So I can make and run normal Python scripts in it. Is this possible?

Yes it is possible… but why?

Because I can’t be asked to download another IDE. Anyway, does it really matter? Knowledge is power :slight_smile:

OP you’re severely limiting yourself if you really intend to go about this. I don’t mean to disrespect blender’s text editor but it isn’t one I would want to get too used to. The built in python distribution – how are you going to pip install anything? What if you want to do something using tkinter? I don’t code inside of blender EVEN if it’s something FOR blender. I can’t imagine why someone would want to code IN blender for something that isn’t even FOR it.

why the “frack” would you NEED to download a integrated Development Environment
just for python???

that makes no sense

even on Microsoft Windows
the java based Eclipse
and so on

and you DO NOT “NEED” a IDE

a normal everyday coding text editor is all you need

on windows the SciTE editor or the SciTE based editor “Notepad++”
( this is NOT the 1995 MS NOTEPAD.EXE )

now on a linux OS
the default text editor will have all the needed things
or use one of the very BEST editors in the world
"Emacs " or " Vi "
( both can be used on MS windows also )

Read the different tips here

In addition to those ways, you can also just open the open a text editor view in blender, then go to Text=>Open Text Block and open the .py file (or press Alt + O), and press Run script.

another thing to run python script you don’t really need bl you can run script directly from installed python!
using command line

I don’t use external IDE
just use external Notepad ++ and in text editor bl reload and run !
not most efficient way and no good debugger
but scripts are simple to debug for me!

happy bl

To be honest, I use Blender to run “normal” Python scripts, because it comes with its own Python copy and starts quite fast. But I only do some automation in around 100 lines of code, not more.