Is there any way to Save baked texture with Filmic(View transform)?

The baked texture is very different from the color I saw in the viewport.

When I searched, it was said that the View Transform should be set to Standard, but I want to bake by applying a filmic feel.

Seniors in the world, please help me.

I think that’s the purpose of this toggle… Leave/set the color management setting to Filmic and when you go to Save As, in the dialog press n to get the n panel in the File Browser and click on Save As Render.

You are my Superman, Thanks so many times!

If you want you can mark this as solved.

Are you creating mobile game asset?

If you are baking lightmap / indirect light, almost every use case it is actually better to keep baked textured at OpenEXR because when you use it, you can use it as emit shader and use in light calculations and it is best to do tone mapping after final image is rendered.

Also in asset creation cases, it is probably easier to store OpenEXR and write some script to adjust tone mapping every asset you have created, to avoid baking everything again.

That’s right. Anyway, the game engine had to manage the texture in the optimized jpg format, so I saved textures in two formats: jpg and exr. Thanks for the detailed answer :slight_smile: