Is there any way to subdivide a mesh more intelligently/granularly?

Hi everyone. I’m nearing the end of a project, and i’ve got a complex piece of my model that comes out at about 400 triangles (out of a budget of 1200). The shape is a bit jaggy and angular however, I’ve got about 300 tris left over in the budget, and i’d like to use some of that to smooth this object out a bit. It’s a complex shape so it will be tiring and annoying to do it manually, but i’m wondering if blender has any tools to automate this

I’ve tried using multires, and while this definitely looks pretty, even just the first level of multires adds over 1800 triangles to this shape, making it use almost twice the entireity of my budget. so that’s a bit much. Subdivision surface modifier does exactly the same :<

Are there any other methods to automate adding detail to a mesh?

Put your mesh in edit mode and make a selection of faces. Then press the W-Key and choose subdivide. This will only subdivide the faces you have selected, not the entire mesh. So pick the places where your mesh needs the most help and only subdivide those areas.

subdivision surface adds detail…
try using subsurf, and then decimet modifier…
you can then set decimate to lower the count to ur desired poly or face count…
i think the end resault will be a more detailed mesh, made automatically, and adresses your poly/face count wishes. only it takes two actions rather than one.

Since you are already using triangles you have nothing to lose by using dynamic topology in sculpt mode, setting the size to just under your current edge size and smoothing away, watching the face count in the status bar. Save first!