Is there anyone working on a 2.4x build with some of the 2.5/6x features in it?

I’ve given it many months, and I cannot stand the 2.5x/6x UI and Swiss cheese feature list; for all its (really good) improvements to some if the the tools, the new (now familiar) UI is not something that I find any more efficient than the previous UI from the 2.4x version. I have an easy choice of either to use and I find that it’s a waste of time not to use 2.49 over 2.6x; for ease, and for stability.

I would really like [love!] to find either a 2.49b fork with a few of the tool improvements from the recent version (even just attempts at it); or find a retro-fitted 2.6x with the original 2.4x UI restored.

Alas, I am out of my depth when it comes to refactoring the source code; I know of course that it’s not as simple as just inserting the 2.6x code for the new features. I can live without B-Mesh; but the sculpt improvement are actually the main compelling feature for me to move past 2.49b. It’s the only reason I have the 2.6x installed… to sculpt/ export, and import into 2.49b where I can actually use it.

** In a side note; something that makes 2.6x very difficult to use for me… The mouse rotation in 3d-space… Is there any way to make it behave like 2.4x? I can lock the view to the cursor, but that’s a kludge that I’d rather avoid.

I’m sure some things could be switched, but I’m pretty sure most of what has been added is a result of what makes 2.5+ well, 2.5+ in terms of the underlying rewrite.

To take your example, Bmesh is the mesh system. Sculpting uses the mesh system. Very watered down explanation but I doubt much of the sculpting improvements could simply be ‘ported’.

And yes, still personally using 2.49b a lot.

I hear you man. I forced myself to learn both, I still don’t know everything about the 2.6x series but it is decent. I wish they made a UI/skin for the 2.6x series that would make it look like 2.49b but still be 2.6x underneath. the rotate thing i really a pain in the rear. I’m making a animated movie and it sucks rotating it with that thing. Also texturing was easier in 2.49b. I i like blender enough to learn parts of the new versions.

i only started using blender since 2.5 only because they made a new interface.

I would probably have been using a Maya learning edition or Wings3D
if Blender would have stuck with the old interface.

Blender 2.49 interface is a joke. IMHO

Personally, I doubt you’ll be able to easily find someone who is willing to backport major features from 2.6x to 2.49 considering that they will have to integrate it with the old event and UI system (which codewise is full of old cruft that was eliminated in 2.5x).

There’s also a lot of other hacks and areas of messy code that have been eliminated since then too, so backporters will have to deal with how to integrate those features without breaking the underlying system.

I’m with holyenigma74, I started with 2.49, but I only really got into Blender once the 2.5x series came out. What part of the camera behavior is it that you don’t like? (I’m not sure specifically what you wanted it to do… I haven’t had 2.4x installed in years :P)

Yeah mate, make sure you change the default back to the old style orbit. User preferences->input->Trackball.
The preferences are no longer in a pulldown at the top but found in file menu.
I think this is what you’re talking about :wink:

Its been ages since I used 2.49 but I can’t really remember the UI being any different? I mean, the only thing I can think of is the spacebar Add Object menu (now shift-A). In fact I’m 3/4 thru “Blender for Dummies” - which was written for 2.48 - and all the chapters on UI applied nearly 1:1 with 2.6x (although the Materials section of the book isn’t as useful now).

I’m not trying to bait flames here but is this a troll thread?

to answer the Q, no, nobody is working on 2.4x, I think it had maybe 5 or 6 changes since we moved to 2.5x, there really isnt any effort going on here.

Probably a better bet is to make a custom configuration of 2.6x that has the things you liked about 2.4x in it.
Even if you have to make branch and edit some of the code to make it 2.4x ish- this is way less effort then maintaining a fork of 2.4x and back-porting features.

All my work I use only 249b. In my 160 Blender vidoes only 4 are with new version and rest all with 249b

** In a side note; something that makes 2.6x very difficult to use for me… The mouse rotation in 3d-space… Is there any way to make it behave like 2.4x? I can lock the view to the cursor, but that’s a kludge that I’d rather avoid.

User preferences, Input, Trackball.

There are no projects aiming to port new features in the old blender or the old GUI to the new blender and I don’t think there ever will be.

I also think that 2.4x GUI is a joke in comparison to 2.5+

If you are still using 2.49b than you are missing out on some really nice modelling tool.

That’s exactly what he’s complaining about.

2.49 UI is not a joke, it is a veritable nightmare. I never managed to do anything with it while, with the new interface, Blender has become my nearly only modeling application.

2.49 have a free mode to organize panels.
2.49 is superior to 2.6x to customize screens.
an UI test made with a pre-2.50 build.

I would like to have a UI like that, too (except the problem at the end of video responsible of a crash).

My assumption was bad than. I thought perhaps he didn’t make use of the tools in 2.6x series as he wasn’t using it due to not liking the interface.

I don’t see the point but im very biased as im new to the blender community.

While I still use 2.49b for modelling, I don’t understand why anyone would use it for rendering. Blender 2.5/6 is up to ten times faster. Are you so averse to it that you can’t even use it for rendering?

no 2.6x series has better rendering (way better)

There are a few advantages to 2.49 UI, sure. Such as horizontal properties, Free to place panels, floating panels. That’s all great stuff.
And maybe some of these features will be back somehow someday.