Is there anything working ?

Hi @,
I understand that scripts are writen and then Blender is changing so scripts do not work anymore but what is the point then ???
I have been trying World Forge > does not work. some xml shit error [email protected]#kin
sorry losing my temper here.

and of course no contact for s68 :frowning:

I got
importerror : no module named xml.sax.handler
is it something to do with the python path
do I have to install a python lib somewhere ?

LSystem, I know I already tried this one before, never worked.

MakeHuman>not working either

can someone give me any hint ?

You need a full python install. xml.sax is there.

And how did you tried to contact me?


worldforge works !

I found your mail somewhere else i think

but for Lsystem, I get error:
‘module’ object has no attribute ‘Const’