Is there anyway to draw polygons in blender?

And by that I don’t mean open up the add menu and create a polygon, I mean is there a way to click and drag and it’ll create a line of polygons like in a drawing software? Is there any shortcut/addon for this? P.S. I know about grease pencil, but that won’t work for what I’m doing.

if you select a vert, and then Ctrl+Leftclick somewhere in 3d space, it will extrude the vert to the position you clicked at…

You will have to draw each vert one at a time though, as it only adds a single vert at the position you clicked with an edge linking to the original vert. Works with edges and faces too.

Can be time consuming having to extrude each vert/edge/face with no interpolation between the two points, but if you use this method in tandem with a sub division modifier, it can be pretty usefull and time saving.

Other than that, i just know of the Bmesh method, using the grease pencil… but as you mentioned, that is not of use to you.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

method mentioned here -

scroll down to the ctrl+click,click,click section :slight_smile:

edit: for retopology uses, you can enable snap to face in the viewport, then extruded elements will snap to the closest face available :slight_smile:

You can use mira tools. Check the first video.

Shift A -> Create a plane (1 polygon)
Go to edit mode -> Tab
Go to edge mode
Select edge and Ctl + Click on screen to create polygons.

Ctl+LMB click works for verts, edges and polygons.

Just curious, why does the approach with grease pencil won’t work?

For what I’m attempting I need the fastest work flow possible, and when you convert grease pencil to polygons, theres still a bit of tweaking you need to do before its ready.

E for extrude. ortho view aligned to the working plane and its just like CAD. E, drag mouse, left click. F to make faces on selected verts.

i think its ctrl - num key for align view to plane, i can never remember. with auto perspective on in settings, its real nice.

Very old topic but i was searching the same thing so i made a draw chained vertex myself,
and i am trying to use it for retopology and modelling too
Got some bugs for now so not uploaded, but yes we can do it