Is there away to mirror my artwork in blender?

I often mirror my digital paintings to look for mistakes so is there a way to do this while animating in grease pencil?

Don’t think this is what your asking for. You can mirror objects/meshs (dupliacting) and also create a mesh with a reflective surface like a real world mirror. Noticed in another post your coming from other software, maybe alittle more detail or different terminology would yeild faster replies.

select camera in the object mode, and with mose over the viewport press Ctr+M then X. Then if you want, you can apply the transformation with Left mouse button or discard it with Right mouse button.

Ctr+M is shortcut for mirroring objects, pressing X mirros it along X axis

okay it almost worked but my composition is outside of the camera view…

you can move the camera like any other object in 3D space. Just make sure you are in the object mode and camera is selected.
In camera view you can tell if the camera is selected when the camera view border turns orange.

G is shortcut for moving objects. You can also use tools for that but im not sure if gizmo for camera is visible when you are in the camera view.

No I mean , the flipping didn’t work properly cause its outside of the camera now.

before camera mirror

after camera mirror

thats odd.
Can I take a look at the file?

sure tnx

test 2.blend (2.4 MB)

the reason why it didn’t work is because your pivot was set to 3D cursor, which was set to the left.

When you change it to anything else it should work fine.

I bet that all those options are confusing for 2D artists.

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Thanks It’s working now.Yes it is a tiny bit confusing but I’m learning pretty quick.