Is there BVH/BIP file viewer?

The projects on are old, and do not support new bvh file format.
Is there a pure, small BVH/BIP viewer that looks like

but have a full function?

Why not import into blender?

Yes, you could import to Blender, but you do need to have a character set up first, or at least an armature.


Is this what your looking for?

Go up a directory and copy the contents locally… you can use ANY .bvh file with this APPLET as long as you follow the skeleton hierachy that is in the runloop.bvh example… :smiley:


Thank you, the web-player is lite till now , except I have to rename every bvh to runloop.bvh

I think your missing the concept…

All you have to do is copy the same skeleton hierachy (chest, neck, head, leftcollar, etc, etc) that is in the runloop.bvh file into YOUR own bvh file. Then just edit the .html file with the name of YOUR bvh file.

Of course this is all done locally on your computer once you download everything in this directory on your box…