Is there convincing arguments saying Blender should be a tool for dummies?

Like in this CGSociety thread where the summary of the first post is ‘Please put in 3DS Max GUI’

Some people are wanting Blender to be turned into a tool that inexperienced dummies can use and still have all the current features, when others say a tool anyone who can scribble can use without difficulty isn’t the goal, but to have a robust good quality artistic tool for people willing to learn the program.

For me it didn’t take me too long to figure out the basics of Blender and start making models, materials, and renders. (even though I still didn’t know of the obvious ‘save rendered images’ menu item.). The UI wasn’t a huge hurdle either.

So what are the arguments for and against implementing a 3DS Max GUI for the people who don’t like non-standard interfaces? What will it take for them to know that Blender can be learned even though its interface is unique?

wait for 2.5 and then voice your complaints if 2.5 does not offer this control of gui.
Due to 2.5 was planned to have true mvc or something to that effect.

I tired to say this, it’s the all way arround…
For me they should put the Blender UI in 3dsmax, Maya, Lightwave, Softimage, Phothoshop, MSword, etc, etc,etc…

Ugh. Not again.

why does blender need to copy everyone’s GUI when you don`t see a 3dsmaya or a Xsimax but for some reason blender needs to be blendermayamaxzxsi3

If Blender UI change to “standard industrial” I will not use Blender, I will use XSI… Why? Because Blender has the best and fastest ui of the world. And I love XSI…

And I say again: most of the amateurs say this bad ui think… and all who never make any serious, only playing with rendering simple objects…

But I think finally Blender UI will change to “standard”… :frowning:
Amateurs are many… and real serious users only few in number…

Ahem,and just sayin: the guy who started that thread… very condescending fellow.

Lord, why did you link to this CD. I’m all worked up now. I can’t believe Im feeling personally attacked by this guy…

But hey, whatever. Breathe Drew, breathe…


It’s that time of the month again…

PS Endi is my hero

Everyone has their own way of doing things and blenders methods are foreign to most people. Could it be better? I see room for improvement.

I’m not going to argue it should be, because I have better things to do than that. Plus if it it really got to me I would change it my self.

Now Iz juss gotta look at it :evilgrin:.

Valuable life wasted:spin:

this guy is a tool. One of the many who assume that in order to learn a package they must immediately be familiar with it’s interface. I’m guessing he only uses Max otherwise I’m sure we’d see plenty of silly threads on the c4d/maya forums: “why can’t x programme be y programme :(”


Please, can this forum go for more than 2 days without someone posting this topic?

i think the delay between those posts should be more like a day. then we could start even more threads discussing it [/sarcasm].

I say : we should make an AD (artificial dumb assness) program, with all the tired retorts and cliché, the usual prejudices and rants in it, and run it everytime such a thread rears its head.
I’ll program Endi’s character in : should take the whole of two minutes.


augh. If that guy wants 3DSMAX GUI, go spend $3000 and get your beloved MAX GUI. (P.S. What happened to Endi?) :smiley:

Is there convincing arguments saying we should be discussing this?
In Blender News and Discussion?

Do the developers get so upset? Do they post everywhere saying ‘Look, look! Here’s someone who disagrees with us!’ No.

So why should you? You’re not even responsible for the program, so don’t worry about what a few people think about it.

Really, I think I went sufficiently into nuclear God Almighty the Voice of Reason territory over there that nothing else needs to be said.

Please, leave GUI alone. Just enhance it with better layers and such. Current GUI is fast. It helps to make workflow faster. There are plenty of areas to concentrate on other than GUI.