is there dynamic lighting in the Game engine

so as we all know, many new games for council games even new PC games are now using dynamic lighting, now one of the questions i had for about a year now. (i didn’t ask it then because i didn’t know what it was called for those who were wondering.) can you activate dynamic lighting in the blender game engine. I’m focusing more toward 2.57, but it could be helpful if i also knew how to do it in 2.49. but like i said, 2.57 over 2.49 for now.

thanks to those who help me out.

If by “dynamic” you mean “real-time”, yes, of course!
Until 2.49 version you must assign “Light” property to the desired faces in “Face Select” mode!
In the new 2.5xx series its enabled by default…I guess…I don’t use it!

All kind of lightning can be “dynamic” in the BGE. Just animate a light ipo for a lamp and play it! Very easy, just like any ipo!

I believe he is asking for dynamic shadows actually.

If you can be a bit more specific about what it is you’d like to do with your lights, or what kind of effect you want to achieve, then I’m sure you’ll get better results from people here. There are some good brains about.

well the kind of lighting i want to do in the blender game engine is make an object cast a shadow on another object. aka simple real time shading with no animation.

Works with glsl and spotlight. But is demanding on the graphic card. My machine cant handle it so I cant give the details… But I think You have to use buffer shadows.

A little outdated, but here you are. Shadows are now standard.