Is there hidden geometries / node in this file ?

Hello, I’m new to blender (like 5 minutes). I have a problem while importing a file using Assimp.

If I open this file in blender :

I see only what I’m supposed to see, a gameboy.

But when I’m opening it in my app, using assimp to do the import, I’m seeing this :

It’s crazy because I don’t have any other blender file on my device, so it can come only from the one I’m opening, but in the other hand I don’t find anything else than the game boy when I open it in Blender. I’m lost. I have no idea where the computer geometry is coming from. Is there some sort of hidden geometry in Blender? How can I get to them to clean the file ?

Thank you for your help !

The computer model is on another layer


whaou, that is subtle, thank you !