Is there is a max poly in blender 2.36

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 I am working on a project with this version (2.36) and everything went well until yesturday 2 am :(. The program start to jam, and even the file that i have saved 5 min before don't work anymore. I have try to load a older version of my file (i check in the "tmp" file), but the same thing still occure. My file is 1.4 meg wich i beleive is not that much...

 I have uninstall, reinstall... did a restore point in window about the time that i did'nt have trouble and still. If a load the file 5 or 6 time, sometime it's work, but not for a long time.

 I have install it on another computer, and still, the same problem. I have done a virus surch... Nothing, still don't work... So that why i'm starting to beleive that there is a poly max in blender...

i gone go do some jogging, to get some fresh air :slight_smile:

When it jam, the program want to send a message (by windows xp) of the problem. Here what it say :

AppName: blender.exe AppVer: ModName: blender.exe
ModVer: Offset: 001a173d

Like this time, i was working on a older version of my file, everything went well, i reduce some poly (now 1.3 meg the file), save, decide to close an reoppened… Not able… I had that message that windows excuse and close de blender…

Only the “quit” file in the tmp folder seem to work???

Until sombody find a clue, i’m gone continue on this file, making some backup :s…

You might want to ask about this in the forum, a lot of developers hang out there.

i will copy my note there :slight_smile:


LOL, they’ll send you back here. Blender handles millions of polys and much more than 1.4 Mb. Try deleting things in the reverse order that you added them (or append them to a new file in the order that you added them). Particle events are slow by nature, armatures work better if you set vertex groups rather than autoskinning and sometimes just reparenting can help and complex armatures parented to complex meshes will be slow by nature. There’s more, like keyframed procedural textures and constraint bloopers but a process of elimination should narrow it down.


And Ctrl-A on everything before parenting is always a good idea too.

to give numbers on fligh%'s comment

I have a scene with two 1200x1200 grids [or thereabouts]

here is one of them:
here is both:

the .blend is 133Mb, and I cannot join the two of them together [I belive it is because blender tries to allocate over a gig, which is probably not possible on a 32 bit windows system]


 Jogging is always good for relativing things :)... The file that i'm not albe to load with 2.36 or 2.35a work jsute fine in 2.34. I have try what you say about "undoing" but is'nt working this time. I'm gone continue with 2.34 until they do a 2.37 i guest... 

 I will miss the "Ctrl-Z" function and the deflector on the particul system... Bye the way, what "CTRL-A" do? You say to do it befor parenting...

bye bye :slight_smile:

[ctrl+a] applies any rotation or scaling changes that you have made to the object while in object mode…

it essentially aligns the local coordinates of the object with the global ones…

i hope this helps


Yes it’s help :slight_smile: Thanks at you all. Hope to be able to help on this forum one day :o)