Is there normal "subframe playback" in Blender?

Some time ago I worked in MotionBuilder and there was a small but pretty cool option in timeline: “Playback Speed”. I could change my speed in a wide variety from 1/10 to 10X.
Besides I could play my animation between frames (I don’t know how it may be in English, so I called it “subframe playback”).
Why do I need it? For polishing animation :slight_smile:
E.g. I have runcycle from 0 to 19 frame. And it would be very good to see what happens between few frames, so-called “bullet time playback”.

And what I did?
There is option in Render Settings named Time Remapping.
I set “Map New” to 400 and left “Map Old” 100. My animation became for times slower! :eyebrowlift:
Of course I had to set new values in Timeline (Start and End of Playback), but it was invaluable.
My suggestion is to make option like that: to make slower and faster playback without Time Remapping.