is there some human refrence pictures?

it’s gonna be my first time i’m gonna make a human, so i don’t really know the procedures, first off, i tried using the skin modifier, but how do you join multiple points together? and how do you change the thickness of the skin in certain vertices?
and i need a good reference photo (i mean the ones kinda where the person spread out there arms in 90 degrees taking from all perspectives (top , front back, side; cuz i’m doing it for the first time, i don’t know)
just FYI, i’m trying to model a hairy men, like a western coyboy type 30-45 yrs old

1832vin, You have been told before about posting support questions in the general discussion forum and that continuing to do so could result in a temporary ban being imposed. Take this as the last warning

There are so very many ways to model a human, I won’t go into details. There’s a million tutorials out there, use one of them.

As for references: (you didn’t specify they need to be free, but there is a free sample section anyway) (Don’t worry about permissions, if this is your first time making a human, you can be sure it will look nothing like the reference anyway :D)

May i suggest looking at the painting world. this was where most of the research into how the body looks at whatever pose was categorised.

Learning how to draw the human figure will give you a better grasp of turning it into 3d.

or just take loads of pictures of yourself and have at it…