Is there someone that have time to make a good website?

(Ecks) #1


I am making a mod with other guy for the game Freespace2 (I know I already talk about that here but…) and I maked a webiste ( ) but I dont think it is enough good…so I want to know if someone here want to participate by making a webiste for our mod. Thank you!

(joecool) #2

pay? hehe

(gargola) #3

i don’t see what’s wrong with your page. :slight_smile:

(overextrude) #4

What are the design requirements?

(sofort99) #5

Good grief man, do something about that page QUICK!

Html, loads FAST, you can actually read the text, easy to navigate…this will never do! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

( I like it )

(Ecks) #6

well, I want a top frame that will not load everytime I hit a link. I will put a banner on the top frame with 6 links under it (News, Screenshots, Story, About us, Download and forum). If you can make a good background it would be cool! The star is too long to load…

(macouno) #7

Does your host support php?

if so then check my site
there’s some scripts in the “free scripts” section that can make site design easier. I can help you incorporate them too, if you want.

basicly with these scripts I can make a small/new site in no time at all.

and since I like freespace :wink: