Is there someone who could help me finishing my Stargate..?

Hello people,
At the moment I’m working hard to finish my Stargate,and last but not least, I got trouble with the Iris…,Well I started with one ‘blade’ (for the whole you have 36 ‘blades’ intersecting), and with the IPO curve editor, I made it to work out the right move… But I don’t know how to assign the right move to other 35 blades, distributed one the whole ring in order that they intersect…When I duplicate one blade, and make it parent to the original,(I tried the 4 options!!), you’ll get only chaos as result…
I hope my attachments will help you a bit, Final.png. shows how the animation should end…

Thanks for any helpful advices…


I don’t think parenting it is the right idea. If I understand correctly, you want to have all blades move as one. If so, take a look at “IPO drivers”. It should be fairly simple to give all blades an identical dRotY (NOT RotY, but dRotY!) IPO driver. Basically, you’d be able to open and shut the entire Iris by turning an Empty or invisible Cube up and down (or rotating it, or scaling, or whatever).

oh, I haven’t worked with ipo-drivers untill now…This is gonna be tricky:(
But I’ll do my best, thanks for the advice:)

IPO drivers are pretty simple, once you get the basics. In essence, you can make Rotation on object 1 increase/decrease by following rotation (or movement, or scaling) of object 2. You can do some pretty neat stuff!