Is there something like the Houdini Wishlist for Blender?

Like a sticky thread or something? I think it would be better to get the feature suggestions archived somewhere than have it dispersed all around the web.

If there’s one place were a developer is guaranteed to not look for new suggestions, it’s a 500-page thread on what everybody wants for Christmas.
If there’s something particular, you can always start a thread on it and see where things go. Most of the time, it won’t go anywhere, of course. However, a single thread on a single topic is still a better way to assess user interest.

Numerous random ideas and wishlists over the years

I think it kind of works for Houdini though (whishlist thread). Maybe because of a different kind of people posting (mostly all professional users)? If I were a developer of a system I wouldn’t mind to take a peak (at my own free leisure) at different ideas users may come by while using a software I contribute to.

Mostly all paying users. That’s an entirely different dynamic right there. By and large Blender developers already know what they want to develop, so wish lists like these don’t really serve any purpose unless people are actually willing to pay for the development time.