Is there something odd with this image? Why is that door so small?

That’s odd.

Well when you put the fence in perspective, it makes a bit more sense.


Big windows, and a big plate over door? Otherwise the doornobs would be bigger :smiley:

I found that on I was going to use it as a base for a building on my scene but then I realized the door is small.

the door is normal, the windows are huge, and it looks as if it may have had an old school sign above it at one time (like a wooden shield style)

like this

and note the size of the mail box,

This is to stop horseman to ride in on their horse :wink:

Most likely steps have been removed and the door and first floor have been dropped to ground level.

jestmart I think you are right, because you can see the separation of the door frame where it originally met the stairs.

That would also explain why the signage is so high on the wall.

So nothing odd at all. I will use it as a reference for the house on one of my scenes.

Given that bricks are a standard height/width (and assuming the bricks used in the foundation were manufactured after these standards were put in place) you can calculate the height of the door in Photoshop or GIMP.

Using guide lines, I found that the height of the bricks is, on average, 6 pixels. I then set up a grid in Photoshop with lines every six pixels with 1 subdivision.

I counted the number of grid lines from the bottom to the top of the door and came up with 84 inches which is seven feet, pretty standard for a door. :slight_smile:

Also, think back to “before air-conditioning.” Many rooms (and their windows) were very tall, because heat rises, and there would often be a window-pane at the top which could be tilted out to help heat escape from the room. We’re used to seeing windows that are about four feet tall, but in some old buildings they’re tall enough to stand in, and then some.

There might once have been a window or somesuch above that door, too. The door might even have been “that tall.”